Hello my name is Vernon Craig,  pastor of Midway Baptist Church.  I want you to know I am glad to be pastor to a great people – not perfect people, but loving and friendly people who love the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom they believe in and follow with their everyday lives.

I was born in Chester , South Carolina, lived in a mill village most of my young life.  I went to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.  I met my wife, Karen of almost 34 years at college while attending and participating in a Baptist School Union at Winthrop. Karen and I have three children, two sons and a daughter who is the youngest. We also have three grand daughters.  God has blessed us with a close and loving family.

I felt God called me into the gospel ministry in August 1974 at my home church in Chester. I followed that call and graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar in Wake Forest, NC.  God has allowed me to serve as youth minster, associate pastor and now senior pastor for over 36 years.  Having a genuine relationship with God is the most important thing in life.  I am more thankful each day for his love and care for me.  I believe this kind of relationship is available to all who will follow the teaching of the bible, God’s Word, that if we admit we all are sinners and need a savior.  We believe Jesus is God’s son , Our Savor – We can know we all be forgiven and have eternal life with an intimate relationship with him.

Our goal is to challenge everyone to spread the gospel of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  For all those hard life questions and situations God holds the answers. We invite you to share in our goal here at Midway Baptist Church.


Pastor Vernon Craig