Covid-19 information

To keep everyone safe and free from possible exposure to the Coronavirus and to keep it from spreading we have put in place some guidelines.

General Information:

  • All Sunday School Classes will meet at 9:30am-10:15am, with the service following at 10:30am-11:30am.

    • Adults – sanctuary

    • Children – children’s classroom

    • Youth – youth classroom

          *Depending on how many children or youth are present one                 group might need to meet in the Old Fellowship Hall if they                 can’t remain 6 feet apart.

  • Everyone should enter the sanctuary through the front doors.  Children and youth should take the stairs beside the sanctuary to their classrooms. Adults will use the bathrooms on the main floor, and students will use the bathrooms on the bottom floor.

  • Temperatures will be checked when entering the sanctuary, children’s classroom, and youth classroom.

  • Masks should be worn when entering the sanctuary or classrooms and until seated in a pew or seat.  Masks should also be worn when not in the pew or seat (ex: when walking around).

    • For the children/youth – masks would need to be worn when students are not 6 feet apart.

  • Hand sanitizers will be placed for use at the entrance of the sanctuary and both classrooms. 


  • Adults should sit in the same seat for Sunday School and the morning service.
  • Pews should be skipped (families are an exception)

  • After Sunday School has concluded there will be the 15-minute break.  During this time if out of the pew or speaking with others, masks should be worn.



  • Students should sit in the same seat each week (or seats sanitized each week)
  • Seats should be 6 feet apart (not facing each other).  If seats cannot be 6 feet apart then masks should be worn.

  • If students leave their seats masks should be worn.

  • If a teacher/student approaches another teacher/student, then both should wear their mask.

  • If there are materials needed for the class, then the students should have their own set of materials that they can use each week (or be sanitized after use)

  • The class activities should try to not include activities that would require students touching each other’s personal belongings or touching each other.

Directions for Live streaming

The service will be on our new Youtube channel.  Click here for the link.  There will also be a link on the Facebook page!

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